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With the birth of Bitcoin, the need arose to exchange the new cryptocurrency with the fiat Cryptocurrency Exchanges list. From the beginning, those who wanted to understand what this new currency consisted of had only two ways to do it: get hold of some Bitcoin by mining it (which was initially much easier than it is today) or buy it from someone who already owned it.

Over time, some traders began to accept this new form of payment; they too needed to convert that profit made in BTC into legal tender currency. Even the most avid supporters, those who have kept their BTC longer, have also had the opportunity to spend them over time.

Today, spending our cryptocurrencies has become extremely easy thanks to cards, which allow us to convert our cryptocurrencies by withdrawing cash at any ATM instantly. Still, we have come to this over time, through an evolution that has lasted years. As anyone can imagine, there was initially not even a real market as there is today; at the beginning, there was only BTC. The simplest way to convert it into fiat currency was to exchange it for cash physically. Bartering was not a very rational way to manage it, so soon, the first exchange Wplatforms (exchanges) were born, which today allows us to exchange even large volumes of cryptocurrencies easily.

Exchange cryptocurrencies between individuals

In the next section, we will discuss how it is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies between individuals. The platforms on the internet allow you to do so. Some particular sites allow us to exchange even large amounts of cryptocurrencies with current currency. Legally guaranteeing total security even though we find ourselves working with strangers. All this, ultimately, is part of what we have called the “cryptocurrency ecosystem,” a layered and complex reality of services. That allows users to manage their cryptocurrency, exchange it, and use it to buy goods and Services.


From the first moment, it seemed obvious that the easiest way to exchange cryptocurrencies was in person. That to build a “market” of this type (therefore based on a sort of barter). it was necessary to resort to the web. The very success of the internet, not surprisingly. It had also passed through all those services that allow the sale of goods or services between Individuals.

Things went exactly with BTC; even today, there is a site called Localbitcoins(online since 2012), which connects those who buy and those who sell cryptocurrencies locally. However, through Localbitcoins (and other similar sites), supply and demand are limited to the meeting; they have the first approach, while the real currency exchange is managed in person, typically in cash. In large cities, it is not difficult to find someone who also wants to buy significant amounts of cryptocurrencies by paying for them with cash, but it is no less difficult to suffer scam attempts. There are few people who, having exchanged their cryptocurrencies in this way, found themselves with thousands of euros of counterfeit money.

Therefore, when proceeding with this type of exchange, it is always preferable to take due precautions and never take anything for granted; the risk of being scammed must always be considered. Although it may seem unsafe, this type of exchange is still in vogue today, especially since the job offer also moves through these channels. Many people worldwide have cryptocurrency to spend and would like to invest it in their projects.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Common to find advertisements

It is not common to find advertisements on these platforms for bakers. Still, there are numerous ones related to translation jobs, the creation of websites. Smartphone applications, and many job advertisements related to the blockchain (issue a token, create a smart contract, write articles for specialized sites, etc.). All this testifies to the revolutionary door of this technology. Around the blockchain was born much more than a simple market. A real economy was born with many jobs, university courses with secure professional outlets, and projects financed for millions.

The existence of sites like Localbitcoins shows us how the “crypto-economy,”. Contrary to its detractor’s claim, is not based on anything but rests on concrete foundations and is supported at different levels. It is frankly impossible to think that people who have already come into contact with this technology. Those who have understood how it works, and who already use it regularly can stop doing it in the next ten years. While it is not difficult to imagine that in a similar period more and more people may decide to start using any of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies currently available on the market.

THE ESCROWS IN  Cryptocurrency Exchanges list

If in any big city in the world, finding someone who wants to exchange cryptocurrencies is quite simple. In small towns, things are not as easy. Despite this, I, who also live in a small town, was surprised to find a person less than 2km from me who wanted to sell 3BTC in 2016.

That person was also the only one in the whole province. So it was a coincidence that he was right near my house. To all this, we must add that in many countries, banks are, understandably. Reluctant to favor the movement of money towards cryptocurrencies. Tend to block incoming and outgoing transfers connected to the accounts of some large exchange platforms. So how can you exchange cryptocurrencies even for significant amounts through the internet without risking taking the proverbial package? Simple, we use special services called “escrow.”.  There are dozens of sites that allow you to do exactly this; the system is as simple as Ingenious. The commission required by each escrow varies according to the user’s rating, as the rating reflects the user’s reliability.


With this system, therefore, scams become extremely rare and difficult. Escrows tend not to act in bad faith since they paid for their reliability, and their reputation is their livelihood. This system, of course, is not exactly the cheapest of all and probably not even the most comfortable way for Cryptocurrency Exchanges list fiat currency for cryptocurrencies. 

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