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Is Pi Coin is worth 0? Is Pi Network Scam? -Pi Coin Review

Pi Coin Review, pi network is a scam till it’s not a scam. Stay with me till the end, and let’s see how we can assess the value of an asset. In this instance, bitcoin is how we can put some money against it. So that they are not worth anything as it is today. Pi network or pi coin is worth zero. Welcome back to the website for those who are new, and you’re interested in the subjects and making passive income or talking about different other bits that I do. I’m not a financial advisor, and I would not advise anyone to do anything with their money. This is what I do, and things that I try, and usually talking about things that I’m interested in, general things about passive income, and how I can use my money in a way t make more money.

Not because I want to become a billionaire and want to fly jets. I hate flying, by the way, and am just trying to find a way of building that financial freedom to escape the rat race. That everybody is talking about. Let’s talk about the massive elephant in the room so many people in the last article. Pi stands for the pi greek letter, and they decided to use that as a logo. The greek letter, which is pi, is pronounced pi.

We can assess the value of an asset. I can probably say a pi coin review can be an asset as long as it has some value against it. Let’s compare with us dollar up till 1933, us dollar was backed up by gold. Every dollar was backed up by physical gold in that country’s treasury. In this instance, yes, every time you had an asset like a currency. That currency will be backed up by gold or by different other bids in the state’s treasury.

Pi Coin Review

After 1933 they stopped doing that, and obviously, they started printing more dollars up to that point. You had your circulation of how many dollars you can have. The gold you had has stopped. The reason we see massive waves of inflation because obviously. Fed is allowed to clean us print as much money as they like to balance the economy. But balancing the economy leads to massive inflation, as we see now and as people are predicting to see a massive growing death. One dollar is not worth one dollar.

Anymore because you got a huge circulation and the beast you could buy, on that one dollar is not worth it anymore because obviously, the price of the dollar dropped even though one dollar remains one dollar. So huge circulation equals less value, I think. That’s probably one good starting point with pi, and we know now that the circulation of pi is around 100 billion, which is a huge circulation for a cryptocurrency, especially when you start it.

We also know in the white paper there is a breakdown of how much of that total circulation will be allowed in the market. Of the 20 held by the owners and then 10 percent held for probable marketing, five percent were left for different other applications. 65%, which is released for us for you and me to mine. At this point, if you didn’t join the pi network and you can use my referral to join the network.

I know nobody can predict at this stage because probably none of our estimates are real. But based on the total circulation, I’ve made a few comparations with different companies in the world and other cryptocurrencies. which have the same or similar circulation of coins. Suppose you didn’t see it already but now that we know that circulation is one of the factors which makes an asset worth something. We have to go into the second point we need to create a demand. I think the demand is probably one of the most important things. When you assess the value of something, if the demand is huge, the price will skyrocket.

If you don’t have two big circulations of coins and the demand is huge, the price will rise and move into the next step. What will make an asset worth something is us, the community. The ecosystem community is not enough to have a huge circulation.

Hopefully, less than 100 billion, and I want to see probably around 10, 20, 30 40 billion. Which are tradable and used in the ecosystem, but you need a huge demand for those. That is up to us. The community is what is going to drive the price of pi. This is valid for any other crypto coins or other assets in the world. You and I’ve got the power to drive the price up of the pi network. You’ve got the option of staking in there in your wallet. If you created your wallet, make sure you have created your wallet.

Please make sure you stick to something. I will probably do a 50 50 split on what I have already in the wallet. Then I’m taking 50 of my wallet for one year, and then obviously. I want to keep 50 to use in the ecosystem. The communities are what will create the demand for these coins and what will add value to the coin. If we start trading teslas against the pi network, this will skyrocket. Because you can see already that there is some value against the pi network, and there is some value against the pi coins review.

If I start selling iPhones against pi, the price will grow because it’s not worth zero. At this stage, you know that probably for a thousand coins, you can buy. Now on iPhone 13 or who knows what, it is up to me and you to build up the ecosystem to build up the community. To build up different ways of spending the coin and make sure that we transaction the coins, which will drive more people into the network.

I hope that we are not going to mine all the coins. Because I want that mining factor to drop dramatically, we can extend the mining to probably decades. Why not, um. I don’t want a massive circulation of these coins. I want it to drip in slowly because this will create more demand. It’s going to make sure that people will not dump their coins.

The more we mine, the more we will add value to the network. If we start with a huge circulation at this stage, I’m not expecting to see a huge value for the bitcoin. Many people are here to make money, and you probably started mining. For goodness knows how many years now, the pi coins, uh weeks months, and you think this is a good opportunity. For me to make some money, I don’t think you’re going to make anything at the beginning of the project. We’ll see how the mainnet and the ecosystem are going to evolve. I hope that you and I will hold on to some of your coins, and then let’s see how we can create the demand for them.

Let’s see how we can build up the ecosystem. We can build up more value to it. Bitcoin is got such a big value because there is a huge demand. People believe in it, and because it’s a huge demand with very little circulation, that huge demand creates a big price. Some of the people are holding into it and not deciding to sell. Then the few who decide to sell it on demand, and if the demand is huge in the market. The price will be huge because you’re just going to sell your bitcoins. You’re not going to sell it to parents for a huge price but think of it if everybody is holding on to bitcoins suddenly.

pi coin

Deciding to sell, the price will drop to probably one digit, less than one digit in value. this is reality and the reality of everything that happens with different crypto coins. I suggest as you can still mine make sure you invite others. Don’t think that inviting others is going to drop your earnings. It’s halving, and they’re going to drop in the earnings percentage for each user. This is not a bad sign.

This is a good sign. You’re just going to mine for something worth it, something in the future. There are probably dozens of websites that accept pi at this stage for buying all sorts of different other bits. I didn’t try them because I didn’t want to give up on my coins at this stage. I read lots of different crazy stories about bitcoin. How so many people decided to trade it for pizzas for different other goods. Which were worth nothing. Suppose you are to compare the whole time highs of bitcoins. I’m not going to do that.

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